Google previously said it’s a big change for Android Auto users on mobile devices, as the company announced that the mobile app will be phased out in favor of a new driving mode integrated with Google Maps and powered by the Google Assistant. Dashboard in driving mode. In other words, Android Auto for phones is being phased out in favor of a new driving mode that offers a similar experience but with a lot of features thanks to Google Assistant integration.

Therefore, the search giant has made the new driving experience available on more devices. Users who are now running the mobile version of Android Auto see a banner telling them about the modern alternative available on their device. But on the other hand, the migration is not yet complete, and most likely, it will take a few more weeks for Google to completely retire Android Auto for phones. So, if anything, everyone should be asked to switch to the new driving mode by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Google is working around the clock to prepare this driving mode for prime time.

The migration to the new driving mode is happening as we speak, and according to a recent report, Google is already one step closer to the demise of Android Auto for phones recently.

The latest quiet update to this feature brings a new option that allows users to automatically turn on Driving mode when the mobile device connects to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. This should make the overall experience more straightforward in theory. The new driving mode should take over your mobile screen when the engine is running, and a Bluetooth connection is established. However, this setting is not enabled by default, and users are still allowed to choose when connected to Bluetooth. In addition, they can decide if they want to be asked before starting driving mode.

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News summary:

  • With the end of Android Auto for phones approaching, Google Maps driving mode gets a new feature
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