Call Of Duty: Warzone players grow Kong's testicles for an easy experience

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently the home of a second match between Kong and Godzilla in Operation Monarch. Surviving is a challenge when two giants tear up the island, but the rewards for damaging the two giants are well worth it. Especially if you’re ready to give Kong a twist about his nether regions.

It was also discovered — and remanded to the NSFW division —On r/CODWarzone on Reddit, it is possible to jump in a helicopter and attack the top thigh monkey marvel of the world. The video has been removed, but you can watch it in the link above.

Although the Kong model in Warzone isn’t anatomically correct, you’re still technically attacking the King’s Crown Jewels to efficiently grow experience points. Other methods may be easier, but there are no funny ways. You’ll also need some real skill in flying a helicopter near Kong, and if the idea of ​​giving Kong a quick loot session in time for the summer season isn’t too appealing, you can still shoot off the ground and earn XP the traditional way.

Call of Duty Season 3’s Operation Monarch event launched in Warzone on May 11, and while some players are having a great time with the Monsterverse event, others are disappointed and misled about how the Titans can be used in limited time mode.

The Operation Monarch event is scheduled to run until May 25th, and we’ve broken down the full details of the event and its rewards. The mid-season update for Season 3 is also close to Warzone and Vanguard.

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