The SBU controversy over Martin Hinteregger reaches the next level

Martin Hindraker with the Europa League winner’s medal after the final in Seville.Image: Revierfoto / Revierfoto

In April, the management of Frankfurt Eintracht expected to spend மில்லியன் 30 million on the current season due to the epidemic. Losses that you want to cover in transfer income. At that time, “Sport Built” released an internal sales list, which, among other things, should be sold in the summer by Martin Hintereger.

“Hindi” may have survived after the European Cup victory

The European Cup victory over the Glasgow Rangers changed everything after: With the Champions League qualification now in place, SBU is in better financial position than expected in April and the already popular “Hindi” is now a club legend.. Of course, they agreed to sit down and fulfill the contract, which lasted until 2024.

Club President Peter Fischer hands the Europa League trophy to Hindraker.

Club President Peter Fischer hands the Europa League trophy to Hindraker. Image: Eibner Press Photo / Eibner Press Photo

Nevertheless, there has been a “lot of breakdowns” between Frankfurt and his central defender this year.Like Hinteregger of Austria a few days ago “Cronen”– The newspaper revealed. “I was told to leave in the summer between late autumn and the quarter-finals against Barcelona,” he confirmed the speculation.

SSC Napoleon’s lucrative offer was rejected

Hinteregger’s consultant Christian Sand puts it this way a little differently in an interview with “Kicker”: thus, Frankfurt management never said it no longer wanted to work with its client.

But: “If you tell a player who feels that way at home: ‘If an opportunity arises, we’re willing to give up on you’, that means you want to free him. That’s how he did it. At least it was understood,” Sand explained.

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In fact, the Austrian would have preferred to go to Italy. “There was a definite interest,” Sand reveals. “He may have earned twice as much in Napoli. But he wants to be with Hindi Indract.”

If he rejects such a lucrative opportunity to remain loyal to his Eintracht, Hinteregger will be one of the last true football romantics.

It is known from his environment that he was already playing with the intention of ending his life in Frankfurt. To do this, however, the 29-year-old’s contract, which is only valid for two years, must be extended. The manager shakes the fence post on the sand “kicker”: “Now is the time to set up a good sign.”



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