The story of Minka, the cat mother who jumped into the flames of fire to save her kittens

He left them in a stable. In the warmth of a barn, a place she thought was safe for her dogs and where she brought them food. But when she realized that they were in danger, she did not think twice and threw herself into the flames that broke out inside the barn. This is the story that comes from Edmonton, Canada, this is the story of Minka, a cat mother who had burns to her stomach, paws and ears in order to follow her maternal instinct, in order to save her kittens from those flames they were in. They were devouring everything in their path.

Shooting of Minka and Frances, the mother and son who survived the fire النار

She did her best, but this heroic deed she did was not enough to save everyone. Finally, one of his kittens survived. The mother and puppy were then taken to a shelter that, although filled with the animals in the structure, decided to take care of them anyway: “Whenever there are emergencies like this, no matter how full we are, I always do my best,” says Kristen Colton, director of Furget. Me Not Animal Rescue, our caregivers are so wonderful that we realize that in these situations, we can’t allow cats to suffer this much.

A week after the tragedy, there’s at least excellent news: Minka and Francis, so they’re called to the shelter, recovering little by little “It’s been a wonderful week, literally: welcoming the kind Minka and Francis into our lives, watching them transform, watching her body recover, and more From that, seeing not only the Edmonton family, but also animal lovers from all over the world who are falling in love with her makes us understand what we have done.”

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