Elizabeth Bourne notes that employees without a health clearance will be able to

Employees without health clearance for jobs that will be mandatory will be able to take RTT or vacation days for vaccination

Labor Secretary Elizabeth Bourne said on Tuesday that employees who would find themselves without a health clearance in jobs where it would be mandatory from the end of August would be able to “take RTT or days off”. “Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will introduce a government amendment in discussion of the bill ‘in the National Assembly’ the possibility of the employee agreeing with the employer to take RTT or days off” and the possibility of “agreeing on another assignment, in a place where the employee will not be subject to a health clearance,” Elizabeth said. Bourne on BFMTV.

For the minister, “the goal is really to find solutions for the employees.” “We have listened to the unions” and “we will complete” the bill on Wednesday, she said. In this act, we “introduced a new procedure” of “suspending the employment contract, obviously without pay, and once the employee has a valid health clearance, we can go back to this suspension”, you called back.

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The suspension of the employment contract may be extended for a period of two months and then the employer and the employee agree to continue this suspension of the employment contract, or the employer may initiate the disciplinary action that applies in the absence of a response. The duty to vaccinate, any warning, layoff can be up to dismissal, ”explained the minister.

“It leaves time for the employee to convince himself of the importance of vaccination and I’m really convinced that’s going to be basically what will happen,” she said. If there was a dismissal, she said, it would be “a separation for personal reasons.”

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She stressed that with regard to health permit controls “for clients”, the employer will be “responsible for monitoring the health permit” of the employee.


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