Romelu Lukaku before facing France:

For the Belgium national team’s top scorer, the Devils must strike hard in the Nations League to aim for the top spot in the next Qatar World Cup scheduled for 2022.

somelu Lukaku does not change his speech: he wants a cup with demons. In an interview withUEFA, the attacker with 100 picks is guaranteed to have only one goal to win. Whatever the meeting, whatever the competition. “This is what motivates me. Every time I play for the national team I want to win. And win the championship.”

The top scorer in the selection history is also aware that his team has already burned some cartridges: “At Euro 2016 in France, we did not keep our promises, it was very difficult. During the World Cup (2018) in Russia we performed well, but now I think in my league Nations that we have to do something really good, so that we can reach the top in the next World Cup.” And Euro 2021? Not mentioned.

‘Score and lose is horrible’

Individually, Big Rom, now based at Chelsea, has continued to improve in recent seasons. To the point of the counters panicking … and not looking at them as before: “Once I took my scores, it became fun: I scored goals constantly with the Devils. At some point, I stopped counting and continued playing. » Mark and just mark? “To score and lose. Anyway, it’s awful! I’m glad we managed to win so many games, but at the end of the day, the important thing is to win the title and that’s what really motivates me.” San Siro.

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