Donbass situation is critical but resistance counterattacks in south-

Each conflict has a military and political dimension: partial successes in the first “category” may, however, have more value in relation to the second. That is why Moscow insists on its offensive in Donbass

For two months, the conflict was mostly confined to the Donbass, where the fighting was fought in a narrow quarter that allowed the army to fix initial mistakes and overcome the classic scorched-earth tactic. In the past two weeks, The front expanded from Kharkiv in the northeastwhere Moscow will launch a new offensive that portends missile attacks, To Kherson in the southwestAnd the Where the Ukrainians began a counterattack to retake the city. It’s a hot line nearly a thousand kilometers long, with naval clashes added – The last of which was the blow that the resistance had dealt to meSnake Island Two days ago – and those in the back, as the Russians try to intercept Western supplies and the Ukrainians, albeit sporadically, in enemy territory.

Eastern Front

The focus is on the eastern sector, where Ukrainians admit that they are in a critical situation. The Russians “stressed” Severodonetsk – Leschansk, aiming to cut the connecting lines, counted on massive bombardment followed by slow advance of the battalions: they would release another 10 for a detour maneuver, regardless of whether the ranks were incomplete. Wednesday, the day countries remember the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, The volleys were more intense. “Thanks to tactical maneuvers, we have strengthened the defenses in the Lugansk region,” said President Zelensky. “This is the most difficult point, the invaders are also pressing in the direction of Donetsk.” In fact They occupied some villages, including Toshkivka, and was to take 80% of Severodonetsk. In Lysychansk they hit a police station, injuring 20 officers. Attacks resumed in Kharkiv at the same timeWhere 15 civilians were killed. “They want to terrorize the population, and they intend to create a big problem to distract us,” explained presidential adviser Oleksiy Aristovich. Heavy fighting was recorded even in the north, in the Sumy region, on the border with Russia. Each conflict has a military and political dimension: partial successes in the first “category” may, however, have more value in relation to the second. This is why Moscow insists on its offensive in the Donbass, whose complete control has been cited as a primary objective.

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Southern Front

And they are defending to the east, Ukrainian counterattack in the southTrying to take advantage of the lesser presence of the army. Zelensky’s men Point from Mykolaiv to KhersonAnd the The only large Russian-controlled city west of the Dnipro. Here, the partisan gangs behind the lines weaken the position of the Russians, who postponed the referendum on the annexation of the city.


Wednesday morning Ukrainians hit Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery with two dronesIn the Rostov region, five kilometers from the border, where a fire later broke out. It was then that the fragments of the two aircraft could be found in the area of ​​the refinery, but there were no casualties. The Rostov strike is only the last blow of the cross-border resistance: After a series of attacks in the Belgorod regionIn April, they hit an oil depot in Bryansk. The Russians responded by firing 7 missiles at the southern city of Mykolaivkilling a person.

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