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(ANSA) – CAIRO, Aug 07 – “King Khufu’s first ship,” an Egyptian boat about 4,600 years ago considered “the largest and oldest wooden artifact”, was transported within 48 hours from a facility bearing his name near the Pyramids of Giza in ” The Grand Egyptian Museum is nearing completion in the same archaeological area in the western suburbs of Cairo. This was announced through a text also posted on Facebook by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Transportation was necessary because the museum that protected the boat, 42 meters long and discovered in 1954 in the southern corner of the Great Pyramid, was not equipped with the latest technology to properly maintain it. Gem’s Chief Superintendent, Major General Atef Mutlaq, said that moving the 20-ton precision ship without disassembling it was “one of the most important, challenging and rare archaeological and engineering projects” ever undertaken. The car, beautifully lit in the style of an illuminated Egyptian ship and pyramidal decoration, was remotely oriented and imported for the occasion “from the outside” to save “any vibration” of the ship, as well as thanks to the use of special “foams” and the constant monitoring of temperature and humidity ratios. (handle).

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