Ivanka Trump in court for the trial of her father (from whom she has become increasingly estranged) – Corriere.it

After questioning the brothers Eric And Donald Jr And the “Judicial bullfighting” Monday when Donald Trump switched the trial On charges of financial and tax fraud for his companies, he was summoned to testify as an accused. On stage to a flurry of marches and attacks on the judgesToday it’s your turn IvankaFavorite daughter: the one that Rosemary Vrablik, a banker at Deutsche Bank and one of the Trump Organization’s main funders, defined a few years ago as The designated heir to the family empire.

However, unlike his father and brothers, Ivanka is now in Manhattan civil court as a minor witnessAnd not as an accused. Ironically: What saved her from possible conviction was her choice to follow her father to the White House in 2016. Therefore, he left the operational tasks in the company to the brothers. Attorney General Letitia James, head of the New York Attorney General’s Office, had also been indicted, but the Court of Appeals accepted her appeal: the financial and tax crimes of which she was accused date back several years and, therefore, are now indicted. However, the Court of Appeal affirmed the indictment against Eric and Donald Jr. because they continued to commit crimes even in recent years. Ivanka is not subject to prosecution Because the president invited him to his side in the White House Seven years ago, he left all his positions in the company. Which she did not return to in 2021, after her father’s presidential adventure ended.

since Ivanka claims she has chosen a very private lifestyle, which her three children have absorbed. In fact, she continues to live a very intense social life between Miami and Los Angeles (a few days ago she was in Hollywood to attend Kim Kardashian’s birthday party, then she was seen in the company of Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez). What he did since the beginning of 2021 was Moving away from the family company and his father: not He was never seen by his side againNot even now that Donald is running for re-election and is on a full campaign.

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This has already been made clear He wouldn’t follow him to the White HouseIf he is re-elected. Having spent much effort to separate her image from Trump’s as a president and real estate developer, Ivanka, having avoided prosecution, also tried desperately to avoid being called to court as a witness.

But this time, her appeal was rejected: she could not escape the questions of her father and brothers’ accusers, and although she was not punished, she faced fraudulent behavior to which she was a witness or perhaps even an accomplice. Over the years, away, now covered by the statute of limitations. For the elegant, glamorous businesswoman surrounded by progressive celebrities, an unpleasant return to the past she tried to bury.

She is the prosecution’s last witness. Then, starting next week, it will be the defense’s turn to call Eric, Donald Jr. and several other witnesses again. Finally, the speeches and sentences scheduled for Christmas Eve.


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