Savigliano, vandalism at the “Parco della Lentezza” [FOTO] –

Bitter surprise this morning at Savigliano’s playroom “Tree House”.
Anonymous vandalism “Slow Garden”: smashed toys, hammock pieces, overturned books and litter splattered.

Tell the teachers who work in the playroom: “We’re back from four days of intense action in Lugano and this morning we found the Parco della Lentezza destroyed.

Anyone who knows us knows how much heart and love we put into our work every single day. Our hearts ached to see the garden reduced in this way. We didn’t put up gates: it’s a public space. No cameras: We trust the people. Whoever celebrated here (complete with barbecue…) these days…could have done so quietly, but with respect and love, the same thing we put him through every day with children, families, teens, and citizens. but not. There are those who believe that this is a place that should be destroyed. That the swing is cut in half, the slides are smashed, and the books are thrown onto the lawn. We are disappointed, sad, bitter.

We will leave again: we already have several families who have offered themselves to help us renovate the park. But we ask: why? What is missing? Why does everything break? And don’t start telling us that it’s the boys and the guys who lecture us. There were baby diapers and paper Easter eggs in the trash on the floor. Not the little ones this time. Not only at least. Let every person try to reach out to his conscience and feel what this world wants. Then start acting, from the small one. Excuse me if we are tired today and don’t feel like smiling.
After this gesture of rudeness, thanks to word of mouth, parents and volunteers take action to return the space to the right track, established during the pandemic to carry out education outdoors and in accordance with the pedagogical principles of “slowness”.

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