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Washington – guilty. Three times guilty. Policeman Derek Chauvin George Floyd was killed. The jury decided quickly, after only ten hours of debate and without asking for clarification from the Minneapolis court. Now Judge Peter Cahill must determine the size of the sentences within six to eight weeks.

Three charges were brought against Chauvin. Guilty in all three cases: manslaughter, but assuming assault or assault on the person, without regard for the possible consequences; Murder due to dangerous and neglectful behavior; Unintentional homicide caused by unreasonably risky behavior. The basic penalties range from 10 to 15 years in prison for the first two counts; Five years for the third. Only with aggravating circumstances, such as a murder committed in front of minor witnesses, would it be possible to reach 40 years in prison.. It is a historical sentence for America. This is the sentence a large portion of the country would expect. We begin with Joe Biden, who broke his silence yesterday before the news came: I pray to God that the judgment is right. Mine The evidence is overwhelming. I only say this now because the jury is in retreat.

Then the president spoke again in the evening with a televised address in which he now called on the country to stay united. The jurors of the twelve, six whites, four African Americans, two other ethnicities, five men and seven women, had been locked up in the boardroom since Monday evening. They recovered evidence and, above all, unpublished trial video footage, based on images captured by clients’ body cameras, security cameras and witness cell phones. The prosecutor again showed the sequence that angered the world: Chauvin presses his knee to George’s neck, handcuffed and taut, his stomach on the floor.Nine minutes 29 secondsThat evening, May 25, 2020. These are the tires that last year sparked a wave of protests in several US cities, led by the Black Lives Matter movement. Witnesses summoned to the courtroom commented in pain, and often crying, on the scene. Among them is a nine-year-old girl: very sad.

In front of the hall, a crowd of people welcomed the ruling with relief and songs of joy. Inside, on the dock, Derek Chauvin heard the verdict and was promptly taken to prison. Lonely man: None of his former classmates defended him. In fact, one of the crucial novels is definitely that of Medaria Aradundu Police Chief, who is also African American. He who announced that this practice, that knee, that smile, that hand in his pocket, is not part of Minneapolis Police Rules; It was an initiative, an improvisation by Chauvin. Attorney Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s attorney, had little margins. Try to sow doubts and deconstruct the reconstructions of the facts. But she collided with the force Pictures insurmountable. Against medical report evidence: George died from choking, not from an opioid overdose. Now the tension in Minneapolis, Minnesota will end in the balance for days, as the National Guard is deployed in strength, with police areas protected by high walls. The alert should also return to other cities, notably Chicago and Washington, DC. The word will now turn to politics, to the United States Congress, where the House of Representatives has already passed a law on police reform, with national standards for training and the use of force.

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Accuse him

Chauvin pushed it Three charges were filed. Let’s try to transfer it to our criminal cases with an inevitable approximation margin:

• Manslaughter, but assuming assault or assault on the person, without regard for the possible consequences;

• Murder due to dangerous and neglectful behavior.

Murder, Due to unreasonably risky behavior.

It is up to Judge Peter Cahill to determine the extent of the sentences, Which cannot be combined with the simultaneous conviction of all three crimes. In this case it comes The highest penalty is imposed. The basic penalties range from 10 to 15 years in prison for the first two counts; And five years for the third. Only with aggravating circumstances, for example premeditated murder in front of him Minor Witnesses, You can be up to 40 years in prison.

2.0 process

I was Unprecedented operation, 2.0, built On photos taken by body cameras To the agents, come on Witness cell phonesFrom surveillance cameras. A vivid, raw and dramatic story from the suburbs of Minneapolis, In Minnesota. A familiar place, as it is similar to the fringe neighborhoods of many American cities. The first sequences show us a glimpse into Floyd’s everyday life. We see him enter the Cup Food store, which today has become a monument and meeting point for Activists. Tall, huge, at the top of a black tank. He murmurs something, flirts with clients. In the end, he buys the cigarettes for fake $ 20. The autopsy report will reveal that he was under the influence of opioids. A man has been struggling with addiction for a long time like Ha Ditto Courtney RossThe woman who dated him in 2017.

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Everything seems calm that evening, that spring, George returns to his car, where an acquaintance waits for him, is quickly checked, and then released by the Agent Patrol. Here is the clip from Thomas Lynn’s body camera, One of the first clients to contact Floyd. The policeman approaches. Pegs on the glass, he immediately asks George to come out. Then he took out his rifle and pointed it at the man still standing in the car: Don’t shoot me, I’m a good person, tell my kids that I love them, and George screams, clearly frightened and upset. Concrete example What is called structural racism: Law enforcement officers distrust the a priori of African American males. They are afraid to be armed, to be part of a smuggling ring, etc. Standards and training should discriminate. In another video, the dealer put the pistol back in the holster and yells at Floyd: Put your damned hands on the steering wheel. No: Please, sir, put your hands on the steering wheel according to the rules of engagement.

Chauvin’s knee

Enter the scene Derek Chauvin, 46 years old, Of 19 serve in the Minneapolis Police Department. When he arrived, three of his other colleagues were already trying to load the arrested man into the police car. Handcuffed George, protesting, did not want to be seated in the back seat. The scene that the whole world has witnessed is processed dozens and dozens of times. It is the tire that Last year they irritated America, They raised A wave of protests across the United StatesLed by the Black Lives Matter movement. Witnesses commented anxiously, and often crying, on the scene that we have now seen hundreds of times. That evening, on that sidewalk, there, too A 17-year-old girl records everything with her cellphone. Next to her, her cousin, 9-year-old girl: Sad, she tells the jury.

President’s word

It is among the critical narratives there That Medaria AradunduMinneapolis Police Chief, also African American. He declares that practice, that is That knee, that smile, that hand in his pocket, is not part of Minneapolis Police Rules; It was an initiative, an improvisation by Chauvin. Other Minneapolis Department officials, convinced or not, confirmed Aradondo’s position. Attorney Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s attorney, doesn’t seem to have much of an advantage. They try to sow doubts and deconstruct the facts. He claims that the agent acted reasonably and followed procedures. try to It proves that Floyd did not die as a direct result of this pressureFrom that knee. However, the doctors’ account is different: George died of asphyxiation, not an opioid overdose.

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Wait and politics

The jury was twelve Gathered Monday, April 19 at the Minneapolis Hotel. On the last day they filled out the recommendations. DA Steve Schleider said: Judge what you saw with your own eyes, and close the indictment. Attorney Nelson responded to all the facts, not a single point of view, Activists from Africa and beyond have been gathering for days. Minneapolis Deploying the National Guard. Also, the state of alert in some cities has already witnessed demonstrations and some clashes with the police. Especially ChicagoAnd the Portland H. Washington. Tension has already risen to the limit With Another African American, Donty Wright, was killed, In a Minneapolis suburb, and with a case Adam Toledo, 13, was shot dead by a policeman in Chicago.

I am the leader of the DE The black lives movement is important They made a deal with Arradondo himself. On the one hand, there is an obligation to isolate saboteurs and thieves. On the other hand a Supervising demonstrations without offending the general force. Facebook managers announced that they will delete posts that incite violence. Politics is also on the move. The Conservative Front has fiercely attacked the African-American Democrat Marine Waters, who had been attacked, over the weekend. And the activists demanded not to leave the field, to be more confrontational in the event of an unfair judgment. The White House is watching, for now in silence. But Joe Biden is considering making a speech to the nation.

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