La financier DL Equier surpassed all its competitors at the end of the brightest year of 2020.

The financial sector, which has wide exposure to the stock markets, is very diverse Nearly 2,000 boxes are sold in Belgium. We see in this group Often mixed exposure to funds or stock markets exposed to growth stocks.


The United States represents more than 50% of the assets under management in most global funds, followed by China or Japan.

Many themed funds are included in this finance group when they cannot be directly linked to a particular sector activity. Among the key properties of these products, The weight of U.S. stocks is so significant that this country represents more than 50% of assets under management in most funds, Followed (so far) by China or Japan.


In the past year, finance Echigier are the next leaders in the world Corona has achieved a great deal with an increase of over 90% in terms of a portfolio that can be browsed wonderfully with some themes linked to the virus infection. “This fund has two key characteristics that set it apart from other products of this genre,” Rolando Grandi (manager of Echigier World Next Leaders’ Fund) underscores.

“In a quotient view, our exposure has begun to combine two trends in recent months, with the increasing importance of Asia (and especially China) and the rise of the robot”

Rolando Grande

Finance Manager Echigier are the next leaders in the world

Echiquier World Next leaders thus bring pride to the place A dozen themes, with a strong exhibition on innovation, In the field of healthcare (new therapies, telemedicine, molecular detection, liquid biopsy), technology (digitalisation, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security) or the development of renewable energies.

“From a quotient perspective, our exposure has begun to combine two trends in recent months, with the increasing importance of Asia (and especially China) and the rise of the robot”. Another theme that is growing fast Changes in lifestyles linked to the rise of the new generation of consumers (Millionaires, Generation Z).

Funds Watted: The Next Leaders of Echikier World (ISIN: FR0011449602)

Manager: Rolando Grande

This strategy is very broadly exposed to strong and well-identified themes, with a strong bias to midcaps, with an average capital of companies in the portfolio of around $ 12 billion. These funds provide higher than average exposure for Chinese companies, while the exposure rate for European stocks tends to recover in recent months.

Top Stages: Alderix, Cloudflare, Sea Limited, Wookiee Biologics, After Bay

European origin

Also, Rolando Grandi points it out The proportion of its portfolio invested in European companies has also increased in recent months. “We have gone from 2-3% of assets under management to more than 10% of the portfolio, especially since a large number of medium-sized companies have appeared on the old continent that are positioning themselves on these long-term trends.” He specifically quotes the name Voltalia

(Renewable energy) or Halofresh

(Home food distribution).

He points to that as well The market will question the model of groups that have temporarily benefited from control, But it will be difficult to maintain this impact of imprisonment in the long run. “On the contrary, other groups have controlled their growth prospects and confirmed the corona virus infection. Estimates seem to us to be higher than justified in the long run. Annual growth in our portfolio (over three years) increased from 20% (early 2020) to 33%.” .


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