The very mysterious launch of Kanye West at the Place de la Bourse

Fans are sure that Kanye West will release his new album tonight at the Place de la Bourse in Paris. Is the saga surrounding the release of this album coming to an end?

Since Thursday morning, Kanye West’s French fans have been cheering on Twitter: According to a persistent rumor on social media, his new album Donda It will be broadcast overnight at the Place de la Bourse, before its official launch. BFMTV has already found out that a giant screen has been erected in front of the mansion, but what it will broadcast remains a mystery.

To understand the bets of this coup com A little complicated, we have to go back to the expectations that crystallized on this tenth album. For weeks, the rapper has been playing on the nerves of his fans by leaving them in the dark, release delays and hidden ad sequences.

Step 1: The first disappointment

Kanye West announced it for the first time Donda It will be revealed on July 23 at the end of the first broadcast with his presence at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta. If the event had already taken place, the American artist decided at the last moment to postpone the release of the disc, without giving a new date.

A few days later, his frustrated fans learned that the eccentric rapper never left the Atlanta stadium after his performance, and that he set up his headquarters there to complete the album. On July 31, on Instagram, Kanye West finally announced the new date of August 5, this Thursday.

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Stage 2: Mysterious Evolution

Epic Donda Witnessed a new development this Thursday, in the early hours of the day. At around 7 a.m., Apple Music launched a live show from Kanye West’s apartment at Mercredes-Benz Stadium. Kim Kardashian’s ex-partner appears to be polishing the album on it while receiving a visit from the big names in the hip-hop world, From Chance the Rapper to Lil’ Yacht. The volume has been muted to preserve the mystery. Kanye West is preparing and presenting his tenth album Donda, live from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta,” the podium announces.

In parallel, fans spotted New post on his official website. The rapper announced the existence of “general live streams” in thirty cities spread over six continents. Each of them is geographically located. Two are in France: the first is in Paris, Place de la Bourse, and the second is in Auvers Saint-Georges, a commune in Essonne. According to fans, Kanye West’s new album will be released there.

Step 3: New doubts

The exact time is 9:30 p.m., the time zone on the US East Coast, or 3:30 in France. The first strangeness raised by some fans: the indicated date is August 4, that is, Wednesday. Thus, according to this strange press release, the event was supposed to take place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at 3:30 am in France, not the following night as netizens expect.

Kanye West's latest ad
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However, this Thursday’s screen was erected on the Place de la Bourse. According to the first photos recorded by BFMTV (see caption), he retransmitted the rapper’s Apple Music livestream as he finished his album. It remains to be seen what happens when 9:30 p.m. hits the track in New York City.

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Because many media outlets are reporting information that will worry fans. the site break, a specialist in rap, interrupted on Twitter: “Kanye West’s album will not be released this evening at the Paris Stock Exchange (…) Upon contact, the production assured us that it was impossible to broadcast such an event at 3 am. “, They confirm.

Same story on the Auvers Saint-Georges town hall side, call her 20 minutes: “it’s fake!” , they confirm. The first to know, finally, what is going on will be the brave man who invested the Place de la Bourse in the middle of the night.


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