Anne-Sophie Lapix et Gilles Bouleau (JT 20H) : la bataille fait rage entre les 2 présentateurs !

Tuesday 29 March, Anne Sophie Labex I gave the color a little before 8:30 pm, Two presidential candidates follow each other for a seven-minute interview. », the journalist already announced. The countdown to the 2022 presidential election has begun. Anne Sophie Labex So called Eric Zemmour. The latter, who presents himself as a Reconquest candidate, held a meeting at the Trocadéro, in Paris, last Sunday. Besides Eric Zemmour, there were other politicians in the group: Olivier Besancenot, associated with the NPA, and Philippe Bouteau.

On social networks, comments about the journalist multiplied. Sympathizers with Eric Zemmour began to sharply criticize Bixente’s friend Lizarazu. They all used a new hashtag: “Lapex Billionaire”. Ann-Sophie Labex has never featured her private life in magazines. Not like her co-star Claire Chazal, who often posed for the cover Paris Match. The main interested party does not really understand the interest. ” I don’t feel like posing with my husband or kids helps me with my job. When you are a journalist, you are telling the audience about others, about the world. You do not open the door to your privacy. Claire Chazal is different, she is a character in the novel. It belonged to a time when JT presenters were “stars”, and I’m far from being one. “, Let’s go.

A journalist who doesn’t brag about her private life

Humble, Ann-Sophie Lapix doesn’t see well how her private life might interest viewers. ” They are interested… yes and no. It entertains them above all else. But I will not change. You can watch TV while maintaining your privacy. Look at Yann Barthès, he does “Daily,” a talk show, all week long, and he’s still very discreet. he is right. Live happily, live invisibly. ‘, actually progressing.

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And to add: It’s simple, if you give a little, a lot will be asked of you. If you start talking about your husband (she married Arthur Saadoun, CEO of Publicis, the world’s third largest communications group, editor’s note), you’re chasing with cameras. Then we will imagine things wrong, we will say that your husband is a couple of power and influence, and we will think that you control the world thanks to your network. I find this hard to bear. ‘, she explains in columns Parisian.

But it is not naive. She knows that a media personality does not escape criticism. Some were particularly angry with her because she was smiling a lot. ” After a while, that’s too much. When you are affected, it is better to get out of there« the journalist thought. « I smile a lot. This appears to be a flaw in such circumstances. It was misinterpreted. I had a lot of criticism. She charged with a smirk. And no, I smile at life all the time‘, she revealed.

Anne-Sophie Labex: Z * arcade makes you crazy »

Since Tuesday, March 29, criticism of him began again. Tweeters close to Eric Zemmour target him with an astonishing hashtag: “Billionaire Labex”. It all started with a tweet from attorney Jill William Goldendel.

Real Democratic Scandal on Public Broadcasting France 2 An interview by billionaire Anne-Sophie Labex. A systematically critical and sporadic interview with Zemmour. Then an interview with Razia Besancinot. Far left privilege. Delphine Arnott deserves its reward »And the I have already commented.

Fortunately, other tweeters have stepped up to defend the journalist. “Anne-Sophie Labbecs is a billionaire??? But how?”, “Why is the “billionaire”, Mr. Goldenadel? Is the billionaire Anne-Sophie Labex? “,” Billionaire Anne-Sophie Labex » You totally go on a spin. You need to rest, Z*corridor is driving you crazy”And the Can we read. Sure enough, her husband, Arthur Saadoun, takes over as Chairman of the Communications Group, Publicis. But who’s there to talk about “billions”, it’s totally hideous!

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