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9:57 PM an hour ago

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9:56 PM an hour ago

perfect definition

9:54 PM an hour ago

Great goal from Dorados

9:52 PM an hour ago

90′ + 4′

The match ends at Banorti Stadium with a new victory for Dorados, who scored two goals in the last minutes to remain unbeaten in the sixth round.

9:50 PM an hour ago


A great deep pass for Zúñiga who stabilizes and shoots all over the area; Campestrini lunged but failed to touch the ball.

9:46 PM an hour ago

88 ‘

Yellow card for Jesus Vazquez for a midfield error.

9:42 PM an hour ago


9:39 PM an hour ago

78 ‘

Superb play in the area ends with a shot that was saved by Dorados goalkeeper, in a rebound that Delgadillo sent to the back but the assistant referee canceled the goal in a wrong way out of his place.

9:32 PM an hour ago

73 ‘

He played well in the area left to Hipólito but finished with a header.

9:29 PM 2 hours ago


Suarez’s shot at the second post after a rebound in the area, but he rushes and sends the ball over his head.

9:25 PM 2 hours ago

66 ‘

Marin’s left footed shot passed close to Campestrini’s goal.

9:19 PM 2 hours ago


Center to the area Cruz eventually cuts and sends a corner kick.

9:15 PM 2 hours ago

57 ‘

A very long shot from Cancun crosses the goal.

9:10 PM 2 hours ago


Another yellow card for frequent fouls, this time for Luis Felix de Dorados.

9:06 PM 2 hours ago


The second half started by sending Cancun.

2 hours ago 7:48 pm

45′ + 1′

The first half, most of which was played in midfield, ended with many fouls and few chances in the areas.

7:44 PM 2 hours ago

43 ‘

A dangerous shot in the area by Luis Donaldo, who strayed from Cancun’s goal.

8:36 PM 2 hours ago

34 ‘

Good pass from Luis Felix who saved Dorados in the danger zone.

3 hours ago

28 ‘

Yellow card for Delgadillo for another foul in midfield with excessive force.

8:26 PM 3 hours ago


The match continues closely in the middle of the field with frequent mistakes on both sides.

8:15 PM 3 hours ago


Yellow card for Salvador Manriquez for a midfield error.

8:13 PM 3 hours ago


Felix’s shot deviated from the Campestrini goal.

8:08 PM 3 hours ago


Dorados’ dangerous center in a corner kick that goes through the entire area but no one can call to finish it.

3 hours ago

0 ‘

The game begins at Banorte Stadium!

7:45 PM 3 hours ago

The Eldorado is already on fire

7:38 PM 3 hours ago

Cancun lineup confirmed

7:24 PM 4 hours ago

Cancun wants to enter the classification

7:13 PM 4 hours ago

The locals have arrived

7:06 PM 4 hours ago

Live broadcast starts

In a few moments, we will bring you live coverage of today’s match 6 Liga de Expansión MX 2021.
Dorados vs Cancun!
Stay tuned with our party lineups!

12:06 am a day ago

Don’t get separated from here

0:01 a day ago

How and where to see El Dorados vs Cancun

11:56 PM the day before

Cancun’s last lineup

11:51 PM a day ago

The latest collection of Dorados

11:46 PM a day ago

Watch out for this player Cancun

11:41 PM a day ago

Watch out for this Sinaloa player

11:36 PM a day ago

Cancun continues to grow

11:31 PM a day ago

Dorados is still undefeated

11:26 PM a day ago

The match will be held at Banorte Stadium

11:21 PM a day ago

promising match

The overall captain of the competition faces FC Cancun, who are only playing their third season in the Liga de Expansión MX.
Visitors to this day arrive at #11 in the table and in search of continuing to add units to reach the qualifying rounds.

11:16 PM a day ago

Good evening to all VAVEL readers!


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