Google can help you tune your guitars

The search engine adds a new chord to its bow, which is handy for tuning guitar chords.

you may know, Google is filled with more or less useful tools that appear in search results. In particular, a search engine can flip a coin for you; Convert units or even make a simple calculator.

The newly discovered tool is arguably more useful, as it is a tuner. while searchinggoogle guitar tuner‘, the widget will appear at the top of the page, and It will use your microphone to detect which note is playing. The tool will then tell you if you want to adjust it up or down.

Note that the reliability of the instrument will depend on the quality of the microphone. A PC, podcast or Twitch mic will work better than a smartphone mic. Real musicians (who don’t know how to tune their instrument by ear) will turn to more reliable and customized devices.

But that doesn’t detract from Google’s suggestion, which remains very practical. And if you want to find all the tools that Mountain View has to offer, Just click Tools under the tuner. You’ll find a dice thrower, a meditation tool, or even a pendulum..

There is also a “Games and Games” tab., which offers animal sounds, snake or solitaire.

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