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8:00 pm 4 minutes ago

28 ‘

After nearly half an hour of play, Guatemala and Guadalupe advanced a somewhat contested match; No one was able to outdo the other.

6:54 PM 10 minutes ago

Guatemala goal!

It seems that Luis Martinez even score.

7:44 PM 20 minutes ago

Guadalupe goal!

Quickly, Matthias Phaeton was present to proceed with his selection.

Since 7:39 PM 25 minutes ago

The match begins!

Guatemala and Guadalupe are feuding over the last ticket to the 2021 Gold Cup.

7:34 PM 30 minutes ago

Guadalupe alternatives

F. Tejou; K. Aajax, K. Moeson, T. Pineau, S. Casimir, C. Makouke, Q. Annette, M. Annerose, V. Tille, S. Romage, L. Archimede y D. Ramothe.

Since 7:29 PM 35 minutes ago

Alternatives from Guatemala

R. Jerez-Linares, K.; Garcia, W. Pineda, c. Ruiz, R.; Saravia, R.; Barrientos, c. Mendes, O. Santis, J. Areola, J. Vargas, R.; Betancworth.

7:24 PM 40 minutes ago

Guadalupe lineup confirmed!

Y. Thuram. R. Otterville (C), a. Barron, S.; Solvet, M. Alphonse, de Caffari, E. Malbon, M. Saint, K. Earp, R. Merval W. M.; Phaeton.

7:19 PM an hour ago

Guatemala squad confirmed!

n. Hagen Gordillo, J. Pinto (C), M. Hernández, S. Robles, M. Peleg, M. Domínguez, L. Martínez, D. Lom, M. Ceballos and J. Martínez.

7:09 PM an hour ago

Where and how to watch the Guatemala vs Guadalupe match online and live

7:04 PM an hour ago

Guadalupe’s latest squad

F. Tejou; K. Ajax, K. Moeson, C. Makouke, S. Casimir, E. Malpon, V. Tille, L. Archimede, D. Ramothe y S. Romage.

6:59 PM an hour ago

Guatemala’s latest squad

n. Hagen Gordillo, L. Martínez, M. Peleg, D. Lom, J. Pinto, M. Ceballos, J. Arreola, M. Hernández, S. Robles and M. Domínguez.

6:54 PM an hour ago

Guatemala referee appointments against Guadalupe

The central referee for Guatemala’s match against Guadalupe Fernando Hernandez will be. Alberto Morin, first line; Miguel Hernandez, second assistant; Jose Torres, fourth official; Eric Miranda, VAR, and Tatiana Guzman, AVAR.

6:49 PM an hour ago

How to reach Guadalupe?

6:44 PM an hour ago

How did Guatemala come?

6:39 PM an hour ago

Guatemala vs Guadalupe: to finish your passes

7:34 PM 2 hours ago

What will the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup reclassification look like?

7:29 PM 2 hours ago

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