PS4 release date and new trailer

Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital have announced that Blightbound’s multiplayer dungeon-crawler game Blightbound will be released on July 27, 2021 for PS4, PC and Xbox One after an earlier early access phase.

With Blightbound, you can expect a game that allows three heroes to compete locally or online. According to the manufacturer, you will explore different dungeons, fight groups of mysterious and brutal enemies, snatch loot and rescue fallen heroes. One goal is to expand the list of available warriors. Warriors, assassins and magicians are available.

Features by manufacturer:

  • More than 20 unique heroes, each with their own active and passive skills and a story.
  • Hundreds of items to loot and craft to upgrade each character.
  • Build a mountaintop shelter by recruiting new craftsmen.
  • Three different countries, each with several dungeons to conquer.
  • Different class roles that reward team play and the skills that are assigned to the individual role performance.
  • A mixture of hand-drawn characters and 3D models with real-time lighting effects.

Below you can watch a trailer for the movie “Blightbound”:

More news about Blightbound.

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