Reddit Is Down Right Now But a Fix Is Coming

Reddit is down for everyone since around 8am IST. This was confirmed on the Reddit status site, which indicated that Reddit has identified the problem and is working to fix it. This was also confirmed by DownDetector, which shows a spike in issues for Reddit at 8am. Currently, users who visit are greeted with a message that the CDN cannot reach the Reddit servers. However, this will likely be fixed soon since the issue has been identified.

According to the message day reddit status At about 7.30am, the company noted that “error rates are high and orders are failing. The cause has been identified and a fix is ​​being implemented.” Soon it was posted, “We’re continuing to work on fixing this issue.” Due to the speed of updates, this will likely be resolved soon.

The website outage tracker DownDetector also noticed problems with Reddit around the same period, as shown in this screenshot, showing an 8am spike.

As of now, Reddit hasn’t said what’s causing the problem it’s having – the only clue is the image on the mobile website, shown above, which says the CDN can’t connect to Reddit’s servers. However, on the Reddit status page, it mentions outages on Desktop Web, Mobile Web, and other Reddit functions, but added that Reddit CDN Fastly works just fine.

Earlier, in June, a large Fastly outage caused almost half of the Internet to crash, which Fastly will later explain due to a software bug caused by a customer. There was also a recent internet outage due to an issue with Akamai in July. And AWS experienced a major outage in November 2020. As these issues grow, we need to question the reliability of the Internet’s infrastructure, as we discuss the future of remote work.

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