Russia, excluding peaceful candidate Dontsova from the presidential elections

He holds the court in Russia the case Ekaterina Dontsova. The former television journalist announced his decision in recent days Anti-Putin candidacy in Presidential elections Scheduled for March 2024, with a revolutionary government program for Moscow, think only of the return of peace with Ukraine and the release of dissidents, including Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Kara-Murza. But the dreams of the forties were shattered Russian Election Commission: Today President Ella Pamfilova announced to fail From his nomination. Motivation? alleged “Errors in documents” They offered themselves to register for the electoral race, but in reality the committee's rejection had already been taken into account. The appeal is ready.

“She's a young woman, and she has her whole life ahead of her.”Words chosen by the Chairman of the Russian Election Commission. But Dontsova has no intention of turning back, on the contrary. This was announced by the former face of the small screen We will appeal to the Supreme Court The Russian is against the decision taken by Pamfilova in the last hours. An unjustified and undemocratic decision, and the accusation of Putin's new rival: “This is not the end, tomorrow we will go to the Supreme Court to appealIn a message she posted on her Telegram channel, Dontsova spoke frankly about the political decision: “We are deprived of the opportunity to have our own representative and express opinions different from the official aggressive discourse.”.

Dontsova, who was previously a city council member in Rzhev, her hometown, has asked for support from the liberal Yabloko party in forming a government. An almost desperate plea: “We cannot remain idle. This is the last legal opportunity for citizens to express their disagreement with the policy of the current authorities. Russians must be able to choose! The lives of thousands depend on your choice!”. If he wins in the Supreme Court, the former journalist will have to submit 300,000 signatures by January 31, 2024. As often happens, malicious rumors about Dotsova continue. In recent days, some have described it as a simple Kremlin-backed anti-regime competition with no hope of success, for the sole purpose of organizing a democratic competition. Rumors that the person in question categorically denies: “Neither the Kremlin, nor the oligarchy, nor big corporations support me.”. Expected updates in the next few days: The climate is glowing.

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