Hannovers Maximilian Beier (r) und Aues Dirk Carlson kämpfen um den Ball. 

The Hannover 96 has its ups and downs. Three days after the decisive 3-0 win over Fortuna Düsseldorf, the Reds could not cross over Kellerkind Erzgebirge Aue 1: 1 (1: 0) – even if they were lucky to win in the end.


He wanted to take the 96 cup swing with them, which was a great success in the beginning. Three minutes later, the red team took the lead. After Aues Anthony Barylla failed to clarify, the ball fell to Sebastian Kerk. This was Kerk’s third goal in the third game in a row. The highest scorer on 96 raised Gale Ondova 2-0, but lost on a free-kick side against Martin Mennell (12th).

Pictures of the second division game of Hannover 96 against Erzgebirge Aue

Early 96 lead: Sebastian Kerk, Lyndon Maina and Maximilian Bear (left to right) make it 1-0 for Kerk.


Beer offers three great opportunities

Against Düsseldorf, Kerk and Maximilian Beier matched very well in the first round of the double overhead, 96 permanently dangerous. The name was 2-0 three times. Once he crossed very unselfishly and got caught on defensive leg (17th), once he aimed it from close range (25th), once he rushed to a cross by Nicholas Hult (37th).

It was a lively game in which the table finalists bravely participated. Nicholas Cohn first warning shot (18th), Dimitri Nazarov forced 96 goalkeeper Martin Hanson to make the first save (21st), shortly after Kate (22nd) shot over.

Borner injured – Nazareth strikes

Bitter for 96: Julian Barner was replaced 19 minutes later with a thigh injury, and Luca Krajk came on as an experienced defender. Even more bitter for 96 runs: with the break whistle, Aue equalized with nowhere. Nazarov, Aue’s most dangerous man, punished 96 negligence shortly after Ondoua left the big chance of a 2-0 lead (40th). The 31-year-old Azerbaijani benefited from a disorder in the 96 defense and did not give Martin Hansen a chance at a tight angle (45th + 1).

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Impact struck. After the break, there was no sign of the joy Hanover played. Aue created a greater sense of caution without initially creating clear opportunities. John Zimmerman reacted and changed twice, first bringing Hendrik Wyandot and Sebastian Ernst to Lyndon Myna and Dominic Kaiser (55th) and then Tom Triple and Florent Muslija to Gale Ondova and Sebastian Stolz (71st). Wyandotte (57th) and Triple (76th) had the best 96 chances in the second round (57th).

Ayu plays for success

But then came Auer’s final attack, which stunned 96 runs entirely. Substitutes Nicola Trujic (78th, 82nd) ​​and Cohn (80th, 83rd) had promising chances. Only 96 ran back – and Strauss was lucky to miss the half-empty goal in the fifth meter (85th). That’s a balance. Less than 96, this would eventually be even more possible for Aue. Looking at the table was not very encouraging for either team. Violets (8 points) are ranked 17th, just two points ahead of the red (12 points) rankings.



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