clash Hard to Live by Giovanni Flores A Tuesdayin the seventh episode, on the April 26 episode, between the journalist Alan Friedman And Edward Luttwak: “Luttwak just said two contradictory things. On the other hand, the Pentagon hawk asks “Weapons Weapons Weapons”. On the other hand, he said something like that Russian propagandaasking for Referendum in Donetsk as in Crimea with fake, fake and illegal dolls and Russian dolls.” And again attacks Friedman: “Lutwak, a right-wing man who loved Reagan and Donald Trump when he was on your knees before put it in. treats. what do you want that Biden Make an offer to Putin? “.

The clash between Friedman and Luttwak in Demartido

The political scientist’s response was equally harsh: “What I was trying to explain is that to reach peace first on you close the door Maybe Russia victory. The Ukrainian armed forces have few armored vehicles and tanks although Europe has many in warehouses that they do not use. To send a lot of heavy weapons to this ground battle and at the same time make a reliable offer to Putin. ”

“Who should make the show?” Friedman urges. “The I don’t work for your circus I am a strategic advisor to my government. “Luttwak retorts” We have to work in the field of possibilities. To make an offer it must be Zelensky which says “I accept the referendum,” and at that point, he concludes, “there will be a ceasefire and a suspension of sanctions.” Friedman concludes that “Zelensky must surrender.”

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