Women's D1:

Therefore, Olivier Chauafny will forever remain the first Paris Saint-Germain coach to win the French Championship. A real pride for this coach, who arrived in the capital in 2018. It now remains to clarify his future. At the end of the contract, he clarified that he had not yet discussed with the club.

Now the French champions after reaching the Champions League semi-finals by defeating the OL team in the process, Olivier Chauafny believes he has achieved his goals. Reuters/Stephan Mahe Stephen Mahe

What is the first feeling?

Oliver Shawafny. Great pride. We just celebrated the club’s forever history because it’s the first. The women’s section has been at D 1 for nearly twenty years, and that title will remain engraved for life. It is an incredible honor to see what they have achieved, from the moment the players realize their potential.

Is this awareness that made the difference?

Especially. We often broke our teeth against this team. And we were several times in the locker room when Leon celebrated her titles. But each time, there was a real refill. After the defeats in the Champions League semi-finals and in the French Cup final, we had to start over. This victory at the Parc des Princes was remarkable.

What plugin did we have to introduce?

perseverance. Before us are real heroes who made history. And it will stay for a long time. They have won 14 titles in a row. I’m not sure any other club is able to do that. The series is made to stop. For me, this is a real achievement. They will realize this in the coming days.

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You are very close to your players…

We had to create a group. Remember in 2018 when we arrived, we had to replace players. It was the hardest part. From there, we slowly rose in terms of level and maturity. They have gained experience.

I’ve also tried to stop them…

There is a little bit of everything. The more complicated thing is finding coherence. Last year, we were really disappointed with the end of the tournament. We may have already won a title.

What will you do when your contract expires?

I have been asked to complete certain objectives. You had to win matches and titles to be able to achieve quality in the game. Looking at the season, I think there is everything. The goals have been met. There is still much room for improvement in this group. We will have to look at a higher level, even further. There is still a corner to be crossed. I was concentrating on the title. The rest, we’ll see. I will discuss with the leaders.

Is this not the case yet?

I haven’t had a formal discussion yet. Now, when you win a title, you always want to look further, higher, to replicate what you achieved there. The ball is not only in my court. I hope this collection stays the same and that we bring it some added value. We have to be able to keep our best players. If some executives leave, it will be very complicated.


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