90% of people give up and you?  Try to solve it!

Puzzle: Look carefully at the picture, can you solve the puzzle? 90% of users give up. what are you waiting for? Try it too.

Brain teaser: Can you solve the puzzle?

In the past period, many users on the web have become enthusiastic about it brain teaser Found on the Internet, as well as being a good way to keep the mind occupied, it is also very useful in training it.

What we propose today is a real puzzle, what you have to do is carefully observe the picture and try to find the solution, the puzzle asks you to guess what the following sentence will look like:

My life can last a few hours, what I produce is devouring me. Thin, I’m fast, big I’m slow and the wind scares me a lot.

Can you find out who is the protagonist of the puzzle? Hardly anyone can give the correct answer. what are you waiting for? Try it yourself and challenge friends and family.

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Brain teaser: solve the puzzle and prove your intelligence

This riddle is not simple at all, if you have come to this point, chances are that you have tried to give an answer, then a few of you will have given the correct solution.

What you need to do is focus and take the time to answer, when you are sure of your answer, go and read the solution.

We give you additional details, to help you with the task we have included a color in the background of the image that calls out the element in question, it is a real clue.

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Do you understand what it is? Well, the solution is the candle.

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Were you able to guess? Now share the puzzle with friends and family and test it.


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