After gaining 30kg: Alex Maria Peter got 13 down again

Alex Maria Peter is working hard on her character. The winner of the upcoming 16th German Modeling Season revealed to her followers in October 2021 that she has gained nearly 30 kilos. It was at that time that she announced battling pounds that she personally didn’t like. The model has been holding out for nearly five months now and can see remarkable success: Alex has already lost 13 kilograms again.

in your Instagram-Story, the woman from Cologne now shows herself in sports casual wear and gives her community an update on body transformation. “I am starting to see success – not only on the scales, but also on a visual level,” shares Alex with their fans. You have to say that you are very happy with the progress you have made so far. “I’ve lost about 30 pounds so far”reveal.

And how did that dark-haired beauty do? “I did it all through just diet. To be honest, I didn’t eat like a pigLaugh at the camera.

Alex Maria Peter in “A Heart for Children” 2021

Instagram / alexmariahpeter

Alex Maria Peter, Winner of GNTM 2021
Alex Maria, GNTM Winner 2021

Instagram / alexmariahpeter

Alex Maria, GNTM Winner 2021
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