Así se ve un amanecer en Marte. El pequeño punto brillante es nuestro Sol.


Without a doubt, one of the most transcendent moments in human history was reaching out to others planets. At least, through “rovers” or robots that allow us to appreciate the nature of other worlds. This is how the planet is Martywhere it was possible to take a picture of the sunrise of Mars.

Photo was taken from Elysium Planetia On April 10 on Planet Earth, or “Sol 1198” Red Planet Time.

“The Insight Mars lander is a NASA This image was taken using the Instrumentation Deployment Camera (IDC) mounted on her robotic arm,” the space agency said.

He added, “This image was acquired on April 10, 2022, SOL 1198, where the mean local solar time for image exposure was 5:29:53,418 AM. Each IDC image has a 45 x 45 degree field of view.”

The length of the days varies in each of them planet The solar system because its rotation speeds are different. On Mercury, a day lasts 1408 hours and on Venus it lasts 5832 hours. On Earth and Mars have similar periods.

The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis. Marty It takes 25 hours. Gas giants spin very fast. It only takes a buyer 10 hours to make a complete revolution. Saturn 11 hours, Uranus 17 and Neptune 16 hours.

You can see more pictures of Mars here.

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