Ubisoft offers the most ambitious expansion of the Viking game that was released about fifteen months ago.

Trailer “Dawn of Ragnarok”


Released in mid-November 2020, “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” presents in March “Dawn of Ragnarok,” the third and most ambitious extension. Once purchased (about forty francs) and installed, it provides the player with an oak tree at the foot of it called Ivor, a ferocious Viking (choice, male or female), to take a quick nap. In his imagination, he becomes the god Odin who is called upon by his former companion to go on a mission in Svartalfheim, the kingdom of the dwarves, in order to find and rescue their son there.

The extension is primarily intended for players who have already roamed the offered areas in Valhalla’s base. It is recommended that their character has reached a certain level, more than 340 experience points. However, the designers have provided an access door for those who do not have the required standard by offering them the appropriate equipment.

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Those who appreciate the new thrust of the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise – role-playing now more than acrobatic flight and stealth – and who are not yet tired of the enormity (number) of tasks, presented at the base of “Valhalla”, will undoubtedly feel right at home. For our part, the arrival of our boss to the ring just a few minutes after the first investigations at Svartalfheim left us a little nervous. With not having exhausted all that Valhalla had to offer, getting back on track was a bit complicated.

Different, more supernatural or dream-like, but against the same background (lots of interesting points on the map to explore), the extension nevertheless offers a tighter narrative approach, which to the benefit of it, a strong perception and some original novelties in the gameplay. While “Horizon – Forbidden West” recently stole our hearts and “Elden Ring” (the role-playing game that’s currently causing a stir) has struggled to get over it – due to its slightly elitist, understated play-style – the Dawn of Ragnarok, From our point of view, in a complex medium.

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