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Elon Musk reported on Friday that his advisors sent a message to Twitter to formally notify the company Termination of the purchase agreement for $44 billion.

The main reason behind making this decision is the employer Theme robotsAnd the Twitter has failed to fulfill its “contractual obligations” to provide information on how to assess the prevalence of these on the social networking service.

Musk has complained for months that Twitter does not accurately report the number of robots Included in its user base. The company denied the claim, saying bots make up less than 5 percent of total users, and executives reiterated at a Thursday press conference that Your estimates are accurate.

The letter to the US regulator identifies the many times Musk and his team have asked Twitter for more information about robots They say they have not received enough to answer their questions.

What does Twitter say about you? robots

Early Thursday, July 7, Twitter executives said at a press conference that The company manually reviews thousands of accounts each quarter to determine how many robots of 5 percent of SPAM and estimates that the real figure is much lower than what was disclosed in the presentations.

The company also uses internal data to confirm the number botincluding things like IP addresses or phone numbers to determine if the account is managed by a human.

previously, Twitter gave Musk access to a ‘fire hose’ from the company’s public tweets, but this data only includes data from public tweets, not data from private accounts.

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A Twitter executive warned that it would not be possible for an outsider to accurately calculate the number of robots In service without that information. The executives requested anonymity.

With information from Bloomberg.


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