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Caskoko is one of the 151 altered creatures in Dofus Temporis 7 that you can capture. Research where you find it, its spells, and its characteristics.

Dovos Tempuris 7 completely changes the basic rules of the Dofus game. Instead of fighting normally with your class skills, you have to get corrupted to fight for you. These little creatures can then be summoned to battle. However, your classes are important to reinforce your invitations, look for List of the best categories in Dofus Temporis 7.

There are 151 variants, just like in Pokémon, and you’ll be able to catch them all if you know where to find them. Here are the details about Helmetincluding its element, spells, rarity, and where it was picked up.

Caskoko paper, modified from Dofus Temporis 7: Osatopia

number 83
Shortage rare
an item air water

What are Caskoko’s spells in Dofus Temporis 7?


Deals air damage to enemies and makes them attackers in the area.


It damages water and eliminates AP withdrawal.


Air and water damage.

Where to find and pick up Caskoko?

Caskoko is a Wild Corrupt that you can find in the following areas:

Dark Jungle, Village of the Zoths, Village of the Canopy, Cirque of Cania, Lost Pine Forest, Frozen Lake, Covered Water Alleys, Cacterre Territory, Akwadala, Feudala, Terrdala, Aerdala

You can then try to capture it by winning a battle against it if you find it among a group of monsters.

How did Caskoko evolve into Sirokoko?

In Dofus Temporis 7, some mods can evolve thanks to the profession of a Pestiologist. To do this, you will need a certain number of resources and a sufficient level of the profession to make it develop.

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Helmet can develop into Sirocco.

sirokoko-dofus-temporisTo upgrade it, you will need the following resources:

  • Helmet
  • tanuk hormone x1
  • unforgettable mutagen x2
  • Pestelle de Tenriel x1
  • Ben Ribat’s poetry x1
  • Shihan hair pins x1
  • sand rose × 100

The profession of Bestiologist must be at level 140 To integrate all these resources.

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