Boris Johnson, the mad rhetoric and the chaos in Downing Street-
from Luigi Ippolito, reporter from London

Prime Minister Peppa Page cites Lenin Moss. BBC: Are you okay? Johnson is now moving from one stumbling block to another, and many members of the Conservative Party himself are beginning to doubt his abilities

From our correspondent – the Prime Minister, But is she okay?. The BBC couldn’t help but ask him this question, after Boris Johnson had just finished The most absurd talk of his career: in which Quote from Lenin praising Peppa Pig, likening himself to a moose A car sounded. All in front of the stunned leaders of the British Confindustria. It was to be a prayer dedicated to opportunities The coming industrial revolution thanks to renewable energies and the moral mission to correct economic and social imbalancesThe. But soon Boris lost the thread: he began to turn the sheets in his hands, muttered for twenty seconds, continued to repeat, forgive me, forgive me, and then began again … Peppa Pig.

Yesterday I went – as he said – as we should all do, to Peppa Pig’s World Theme park dedicated to the famous pig Cartoon characters. I was at a loss as to what I would find. But I absolutely loved it and Peppa Pig’s world is just where I am. It has safe roads, school discipline, and a strong focus on new transportation systems. Even if they fell a little bit into stereotypes with Pap Pig. But at least we now know what Boris intends to shape Britain. There was not.

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Then Johnson remembered fondly the days when he worked engines for GQ magazine and was busy Froome Froome to imitate racing cars. Then he went to quote Lenin: He once said that the communist revolution was the power of the Soviets in addition to the electrification of the country: the next industrial revolution green energy plus the electrification of the country, referring to his plan to switch to electric cars. But the comparison with the father of the Soviet Union is no small matter for the standard bearer of liberal conservatism.

So Boris concluded with an act of humility, if it could be defined in this way, He also compares himself to Mos

: His Ten Point Plan for Environmental Transition is the New Ten Commandments that I produced when I came down from Mount Sinai. There is hardly enough here to call a neurologist.

But it’s not just a matter of confusion: because the astonishing source appears to the audience of Confindustria A symbol of political confusion in Downing Street (Putted by Chaos Court on the cover last week viewer, which is also a weekly “friend”). Boris is passing now From stumble to another e Many in the same conservative party start at it Doubt his abilities. In recent weeks the government has been run over by The pressure and pressure scandal that the Prime Minister handled so badly (The car crashed into the ditch, he admitted himself): A story that was viewed in an especially negative way by the public and led to overtaking Labor in the polls. But a whole series of twists and turns that conveys a sense Incompetence and amateurs.

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The problem with Boris is that the conservatives have chosen him as their leader because he is a leader win the horse, not because they like it a certain way: but if the horse no longer wins, then they are ready to throw it away in no time. True, Johnson has been shown many times that he defies the laws of attraction to politics and is a cat with seven lives: but as one commentator wrote a few days ago in times, we all notice when the plane begins to descend, as the noise of the engines changes and the fuselage tilts downward; And even with Boris, the path that leads him toward Earth seems to have begun.

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