Curfew, what are other European countries doing?  Of the very severe restrictions that were set for France to liberate all of Great Britain

After weeks of wrangling, the government I decided that from Wednesday May 19 The The curfew will be moved to 11 PM. The decision came after an hour in the control room and 40 minutes by the cabinet for Italy to come to terms with what has already been done by others. sFathers of Europe. But which countries have already lifted restrictions or are waiting to do so?

Great Britain – You know, after Vaccination campaign For the carpet he started with Boris JohnsonBritain is a happy island. Subjects of His Majesty for days now They don’t have to do that No respect Table In order to return to the homeland and the country are among those who have the most Reduced virus circulation (Less than 2000 infections per day) Although there is a so-called Indian variant. As of today, the Brits also have the opportunity to arrive and eat indoors.

Germany – In Germany, like our color regions, restrictions are on Earth Is changing Depending on the data. With a new federal law, the German government imposed Clothe From 10 PM to 5 AM only in state areas The infection rate has exceeded 100 per 100 thousand People for each Three consecutive days. A mathematical calculation, in line with what was done in Italy to allocate regional domains, but with the difference in these moments in Berlin with the possibility of granting Serum The possibility of moving without schedules (currently approx 40 million Of people with The first dose And less than 10 with full vaccination).

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Spain The German selection is very similar to what was made in Spain. Here, though, it is Emergency she was Cancellation – annulment Since last May 9, some have abolished the provision that was stipulating curfews at 11 pm Autonomous County Decided For maintenance Hourly limits always depend on infection numbers. One of those is who BarcelonaWhere locals can stay Open no later than 11 pm.

France – Always the country with More restrictive measuresFrance still maintains Curfew from 7 PM to 6 AMWith the imposition of fines on those who are stopped outside their home after hours and without the possibility of justifying themselves. For now, the Possibility From Curfew extended above All 21 Starting May 19, however, the debate is still on the table.

Rest of Europe – at Greece At the moment it is possible to even go home Last midnight. The Portugal Rather completely Registration canceled exactly like NorwayAnd the Finland e ScotlandThe measure was canceled with the start of vaccinations.


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