Former Avatar Candidate for Show Don’t forget the words, broadcast daily on France 2 Since its launch in 2007, Renault has been one of the former Maestros who responded on Saturday, January 1, 2021. That evening, Nagui presented the first issue of a new program derived from Don’t forget the wordsbaptized Master’s Association. He was eliminated from the round of 16 in the previous version of gentlemen, the Belgian candidate, who was greatly disappointed with his performance, avenged his victory in this new competition. Raynaud spoke of this victory in columns TV entertainment The same evening.

You have made many sacrifices over the past two years! Ended up paying. I was happy with my Masters wins, but in terms of prestige, I was a bit disappointed to be eliminated in the Round of 16. I worked hard to go furtherThe candidate noted his victory in this first edition of Master’s AssociationAnd Renault won a fantastic trip to Mauritius, which he must perform alongside his partner Pauline. “With Pauline, we were planning to travel, but were slowed down by the pandemic. It’s a gift for her too, which has had to put up with my constant reviews. This victory is also his victoryThis was confirmed by the Belgian maestro.

Renaud (“Do not forget the words”: “I have not lost faith in myself, but I doubt a little”

During this interview, Renaud also returned to his poor performance during the latest release of gentlemen From Don’t forget the words. “at the time of gentlemen, we always feel a little pressure, Because we want to see if the work we have done will bear fruit. I’m a competitor, I like to rub shoulders with the best, to see if I’ve made progress. I have to learn to step back, handle the pressureHe explained before concluding:I have not lost faith in myself, but I doubt a little. I’ll take a step back and put a little less pressure on myself“.

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