Dying Light 2 Dev promises a massive 5 years of post-release updates and DLC

Oh my gosh, Techland isn’t shy about making dazzling promises, right? The Polish developer raised eyebrows last week when he stated that Dying Light 2 would take 500 hours to “completely complete” – something the studio had to clarify just two days later. And now, Techland says Dying Light 2 will be supported with updates and DLC… for Five whole years. Wowzer.

This isn’t entirely unprecedented either. The first Dying Light release in 2015 has continued to receive updates years after its release – and we’re still waiting for the promised PlayStation 5 update!

Now look, we don’t expect Techland Dying Light 2 to be flooded with new non-stop content for five years – that would be crazy. But it seems that the company has big Plan your next open world adventure. It would be interesting to see how much of the Dying Light 2 “live service” experience, which will likely boast things like limited-time events and daily quests.

Anyway, we have a game that looks huge and is only going to grow. How do you feel about it? It’s best to start preparing for the zombie hordes in the comments section below.


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