The US company Experian has launched a service that allows you to obtain a credit score in the US “without borrowing”, which is especially useful for consumers, many of whom are Hispanic, who lack a credit history and are “invisible” to lenders, he said Friday for the Efe spokesperson.

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It’s “Experian Go,” a free program with which consumers can create a credit report and use a tool called Boost with which accounts and payment statements for mobile phones, public services or video are created “for the first degree,” explained Director of Public Education, Sandra Bernardo. .

The company indicates, according to various studies, that there are 28 million people in the United States who currently do not have access to credit because they do not have a credit history, 26% of whom are Hispanic; Which may cause them to be denied when applying for loans or other financial opportunities.

Credit history is essential in the United States for getting personal or business loans and even for getting a house rent, but it is built by contracting and paying debts; Which makes financing difficult at first for many people, especially newcomers to the country.

“These consumers are often trapped in predatory lending cycles, unable to cover emergency expenses, and faced with limited housing options, higher insurance premiums and interest rates, employment problems, higher deposit requirements” and other things, Bernardo explained.


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