This is the fourth expansion of FFXIV Online, which brings with it many new features, including two new functions.

Final Fantasy XIV Online’s fourth expansion, titled Endwalker Finally an official release date. In fact, Square Enix announced that the extension will arrive sooner November 23, 2021. Endwalker It was unveiled to the public this past February, during the special event Final Fantasy XIV. The official date was revealed during Digital Fan FestivalMeanwhile, director Nowaki Yoshida also announced that the expansion is currently available for pre-order. With this big news, Square Enix has also unveiled a new trailer, accompanied by new music by Masayoshi Sokon, composer. Final Fantasy XIV.

Reminder, Endwalker It will bring many new features to the game. The maximum level will be increased to 90, and there will be new areas to explore including the moon, new dungeons, and new equipment. There will also be two new jobs, the first of which was previously revealed and was Sage. The second is a “harvester” or mower in French. Deals damage during melee attacks and can also summon combat avatars. A job presentation is also revealed below. Additionally, Male Vieras will be added as a new race to play in the game.

Remember thatEndwalker It will be available on PS4, PS5, PC and Mac. Those who pre-order expansion will have early access to it starting November 19, along with pre-order bonuses. You can actually do this from the website Square Enix, The PlayStation Store And the steam. The Standard Edition is priced at € 34.99, while the Buyers Edition is € 49.99.

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