Barry Diller, Fox founder and current president of IAC and Expedia, said the Apple App Store fees were “disgustingly high”.

IAC is a US NASDAQ-100 listed media company that operates Vimeo, Tinder, and, among others.

Barry Dealer is popular on Apple and Google

Business mogul Barry Diller treated Apple for fees it charges companies with apps on the iPhone maker’s app store.

In an interview conducted during “Squawk Box” day CNBC Last Friday, the head of IAC and Expedia said his companies, and others like them, were “disgustingly overrated.”

Barry Diller apple

Diller continued his momentum:

The idea that they justify it by saying, “We’re spending all this money to protect our app store,” I mean, it’s a criminal act. Well, that would be criminal.

Diller said Apple and Google have a “virtual monopoly,” saying that Apple’s 30% commission is meaningless:

Little, pays Apple $ 500 million a year to browse their store. Does this sound rational to you?

Diller added that the regulations were good for a company of sufficient size, but he did not call for a breakup of Apple. He also lamented Netflix’s “insurmountable advantage” in streaming video.

Diller doesn’t appear to offer any concrete reasons or evidence, but it is likely an echo of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games over in-app purchases and payments, as well as app distribution in the iOS app store.

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