Google Chromecast gets a real YouTube app

Thanks to the latest update, Chromecast Switch will finally be able to easily cast YouTube content to the screen, while using the smartphone as a remote control for navigation.

Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

The time has come, one might be inclined to say. First Chromecast owners will finally be able to use YouTube on their HDMI switch in the simplest way possible. So far, only Chromecast with Google TV can, thanks to a much smoother interface and apps, especially the remote.

A new update published by Google will now allow you to use YouTube as a real app for an older Chromecast by turning its smartphone into a remote control.

Your smartphone has become a remote control

Google announced this on its YouTube account on Twitter, claiming a YouTube TV app. This makes YouTube the first app to work in this way on Chromecast devices with a custom interface. But everything is well hidden.

đź“ş Watch YouTube on your TV with Google Chromecast? You can use your phone as a remote control to cast and control the YouTube app on your TV. Here’s how:

– TeamYouTube (TeamYouTube) December 3, 2021

This will make it easier to browse your subscriptions, watch a recommended video, or access playlists using your smartphone. so you need chromecaster Content from your smartphone to the screen by pressing the button. Suddenly, it becomes a virtual remote control with a touchpad display, a microphone button for voice control, and a back button. This is the last one that will appear on the screen and the interface of the application where you can then navigate.

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A notable evolution of the Chromecast Ultra and the 3rd generation which until then only allowed to stream its videos from the smartphone, one by one.

On the other hand, you will not be able to use your smartphone to lower or raise the volume on your Chromecast, due to a legal issue. But you can also rely on HDMI-CEC remotes to control the HDMI switch.

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