iFixit Steam Deck replacement parts will be available early this summer

iFixit plans to start offering Steam Deck parts this summer, says Kevin Purdy of iFixit the edge. LED was first announced in february That iFixit repair specialists would be an authorized distributor of spare parts, but they did not provide an exact timeline for their availability. It’s not easy for users to fix most consoles, so providing official Steam Deck alternatives, even if they haven’t been released yet, is a good thing for consumers. Hopefully, it will force other hardware manufacturers to do the same in the future.

We asked if iFixit could share information about what parts you can get and how much they cost. On Valve’s official Steam Deck demolition video for OctoberThe company said that “thumbs, SSDs and possibly more” will be available, so it will likely be listed on iFixit.

However, in this video, Valve Strongly You have been warned not to open Steam Deck. “Even if it’s your computer, or you’ll have Steam Deck, and you have every right to open it and do whatever you want, we don’t really recommend opening it,” the video narrator said. He said. “The Steam Deck is a very tight design system, and the parts for this product have been carefully selected with their own design, so they are not really designed to be replaced by the user.” But if you’re ready to roll the dice to replace something in your deck, it looks like you can get official iFixit parts this summer.

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Earlier this week, it looked like parts might be sorely needed when some early Steam Deck owners reported seeing a stray thumb, which some people know better. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Players. Fortunately, Valve said Drift was a software error – No hardware issues – and the solution was delivered within a few hours. Three people who experienced drifting reported the edge That update seemed to fix things.

If you would like to be notified when official iFixit Steam Deck replacement parts are available, you will be provided with it You can enter your email address in the waiting list. While you wait, consider getting to know iFixit Disassembling the official device.



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