Il tempo previsto per i prossimi giorni

Weather: In the coming days, Scipio, the African cyclone-fighter, is back, but watch out for Friday; Forecasting

Weather forecast for the next few daysIt usually comes in summer, but The surprise is back in mid-autumn: we’re talking about it African ScipioAnd the An extensive anticyclone that derives its origins from the warm Algerian lands and is ready to ensure not only stable weather for the next few days, but above all a really warm climate for this season, with temperatures well above average one would expect.

In short, the month of October passes in a completely exceptional context: for the first time in the climatic history of our country, October 2, we experienced two successive heat waves in a period that should be characterized by the turmoil of the Atlantic and the first colds of autumn. Instead, it is not only hot, but The rain is almost completely absentexcept for the brief arcs of the past few weeks.

we will, in the coming days And to be accurate, at least Until Thursday 20 October There will be no change. The days will remain distinguished bysteady atmosphereAnd the Sunny Above a lot of Italy and really above all hot for this period. Of course, we won’t have the 38/40°C that Scipione will easily guarantee in July or August, but the values ​​will be very high compared to the standards.
The only casual notes will be represented in this type of air idle mist and mist which can form at night and early morning over the Po Valley and in some inner sections of the Centre. But this is, yes, a typical phenomenon of high autumn stress.

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When is this Ottobrata Bis caused by Scipione the African end?? Our attention, in this regard, is focused on Friday October 21 when it’s deep cyclonic vortex It is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean It will begin to corrode at high pressure, and begin to send masses of moist and unstable air towards the mare.
Thus, the stability of the atmosphere and hence the good weather will tend to deteriorate starting in the northern regions, where the skies will become increasingly gray and where rains will also arrive, even if they are very strong and heavy in the alpine and pre-alpine sectors.
and the rest of Italy? While in the center, the consequences of the cyclonic vortex will be much milder, and will be limited to increased cloud cover, but without heavy rain, except in upper Tuscany, in southern Scipione will not concede at all, giving other sunny days with a period of late summer flavor at all.

Finally, the outlook for the upcoming weekend will be dynamic, but most likely only for the northern regions. On this, however, confirmation would be needed.


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