La Rochelle comes back up again with a misuse of Toulouse

The first 14 now have two clubs. Lyon’s winner (38-23) returned to La Rochelle Toulouse, where Castress (26-24) was defeated by his team-mates on Saturday.

Recognizing the role of victory, the Myriads quickly took the lead for the Lloyds (3rd) before doubling the West Indies (40th). Despite two penalties, the LOU was far behind at the break (20-6).

Both teams then quickly surrendered in succession: Tomairo scored a third attempt at La Rochelle (45th), then allowed Tuisova to lower Leonois (63rd, 33-13).

Gordon went for his test (67th) before further reducing Ron’s score by Tuisova (70th, 38-13).

Parasi allowed Leonois to leave with a slightly lower salt note in a new attempt (77th), but failed to recover the bonus in action (38-23).

La Rochelle, on the other hand, did a good job of the day, going as far as the state of Toulouse.

Castress was relaunched

Later in the afternoon, Castras resumed play-offs, surprising Toulouse (26-24). Rouge et Noir certainly lined up a heavily modified squad, but the absence of Romain Endomac, Antoine DuPont or Ceslin Golpe did not explain everything.

Very unruly, Toulouse fell for the fourth time this season. However, Yuko Mola’s men won the defensive bonus point, but not enough to grab the top 14 spots.

For his part, Agen, the red light of the championship, with twenty defeats in several games, can no longer save his head in the top 14.

Since Friday, SUA, the lowest-budget team in the championship, has not been able to reach the division (13th, 36 points) a place in Lot-et-Coronois (14th, 2nd) without being pushed to Pro T2 after Pavon’s victory over Bayonne (43-33). Points) non-refundable income.

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Four of the seven matches scheduled for “Supporters’ Day” have been postponed: Montpellier – Toulon, Agen – Bordeaux-Beckles, Racing 92 – State Franchise and Clermond – Prive.


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