Laila Bakhti: The actress assumes her pregnancy weight in her last movie

Leila Bakhti was a guest on the group C à vous, on Wednesday, September 22nd. The actress came to promote the film Les Intranquilles. Drama her picture immediately after her third pregnancy.

Anne Elizabeth Lemoine received Laila BakhtiOn Wednesday, September 22nd at the show site c for you, broadcast on France 5. The actress came to talk about the film worry Written by Joachim Lavoss, which will be released on September 29th. In this drama, Tahir Rahim’s wife plays the companion of a man who suffers from bipolar disorder. “A woman is literally at the end of her rope. In this movie, she appears, not at the end of her rope, but Without makeup from start to finish we see you tired…, explains the presenter.

Then Anne Elizabeth Lemoine continued by noting: This has been the case since I was tired of being pregnant More round than usual, because those pounds seemed so well suited for the role. Joachim Lavos said: I don’t know many actresses who are able to cope at this point.Then Laila confessed to Bakhti: “To be honest, I just gave birth, I was losing my pounds and I said, ‘Don’t worry about the shoot. And he was squeamish, said he, ‘Listen, I never dared ask an actress to wear the weight, now that you have the ideal weight for my character, can you stay that way?’ “

Laila Bakhti: “I thought it made sense”

Laila Bakhti hesitated at first before stopping her diet, I replied: I’ve been like this for two and a half years, so I want to wear jeans…”Then I re-read the text, and I thought it made sense. The mother of three added: “She said that at one point, I gained 15 kilos in two years, I don’t care about myself anymore. Before I was an actress, I was a spectator, and when I go to see movies where some actresses say ‘Don’t think of me anymore, look at me’, I want to say: “You are sublime, and I would like you not to think of me that way anymore.” I found it brings some truth to the character. And then I was so tired, she was trying. We were very worried about this movie,” The actress concluded.

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