Mexico long live!  Women's soccer team beats Argentina 6-1 - El Financiero

The Mexican women’s soccer team This afternoon faced off in a friendly match against Argentina in a ‘Tepa’ Gómez Stadium in Tecatetlan, Jalisco4:00 p.m.

This confrontation is part of it Preparing for the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers Australia and New Zealand, where they will play Puerto Rico, Suriname, Anguilla and Antigua and Barbuda in this series of matches that It will start in February 2022.

The Mexican women’s soccer team took the afternoon to match against the Argentina team incredibly The score is 6-1, which includes the incredible double of Stephanie Mayor.

From the first minutes of the match we saw the Mexicans with great intentions to put the ball in the goal, because eight minutes after the start of the match, Maria Sanchez put the ball in the hands of the blue and white goalkeeper.

But after 11 minutes of the match, the Mexican team lost with a goal scored by Florencia Ponsegondo. The Mexicans clearly wanted a score in their favour, so they kept looking for the goal to score in several ways that were left in the attempts.

In the 38th minute, a penalty kick was scored in favor of Mexico, which represented a great opportunity to tie the match against South American players and they were able to enter the ball into the opponent’s goal, achieving 1-1 in the 41st minute. Stephanie’s penalty kick was collected by the mayor.

A minute later we saw Mayor again score 2-1 for our country in an instant game from the penalty kick that was awarded 2-1 at the end of the first half in favor of Mexico.

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The second part of the match started and a minute later the Mexicans did it again: Jocelyn Montoya made a superb pass and Alison Gonzalez finished the game with a precise header that made it 3-1.

The citizens took the role of heroes very seriously, which is why in the 51st minute comes the play that gave 4-1 with a goal from Maria Sanchez.

As if the excitement on the scoreboard they had so far wasn’t lacking, our women’s team scored the sixth goal of the match, leaving 5-1 for the national team with another play as Alisson Gonzalez took the ball into goal. In the 67th minute of the match.

Six minutes later, at 84 Jocelyn Montoya made the move that would crown Mexico with an undisputed victory. 6-1 She arrived and with her there is no doubt that this duel belongs to the Mexican women’s soccer team.

Congratulations, heroes!


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