Having Netflix today is almost a popular service and one of the best ways is to share the same account with multiple friends or family, regardless of whether they live in the same house.. Something illegal in the terms that the platform deals with.

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This is why according to reports Washington Post Some users have already seen messages appear on their TVs like this: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep seeing.”

With this said, the company wants people to stop sharing the same username and password by paying for one account, but using it in different homes and TVs. In addition to this message, The company requires a second verification step with a code sent to the owner’s email to be able to use the platform.

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The reason for this strategy is that according to Gregory K. Peters, Head of Purchasing at Netflix, Streaming platforms lose a lot of money when users do this practice Paying one account for multiple people who don’t live together.

According to data from research firm Park Associates, video-on-demand services lost nearly $2,500 million in 2019 due to this practice of their users, and that By 2024, the figure will rise to $3.5 billion in losses.

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