Observing the Lunar New Year: event appearances, challenges and rewards

Observing the Lunar New Year: event appearances, challenges and rewards



This lunar new year, which is placed under the sign of the tiger, brings with it a lot of new items on Overwatch. Celebrate as you battle with these new skins, game modes, and weekly challenges available for a limited time!

From January 25 to February 15, 2022Overwatch is celebrating the Lunar New Year, whose emblem this year is the tiger. On this occasion, the game has some surprises in store for its community. In the program: new skins, game modes and daily challenges under the theme of celebration.

New legendary skins

Two new Legendary skins are now available on Overwatch. go to meet Tracer outing Beside Angie Solbem. The first, blazing and dressed in light blue, is dressed in the most beautiful festive clothes for the Lunar New Year. While the second, with her pastel-coloured outfit, takes on a magical vibe to pay homage to the tiger. Don’t forget that you can also unlock old versions skins.


New game modes

  • treasure hunter: As you accumulate rewards in combat, you earn points. The player who kills first in the match becomes a target, and everyone else becomes a bounty hunter. Earn extra points by killing the target, but be careful, if you deliver a fatal blow to a target, you become the next target.
  • Hold the flag: In Flag mode, each team attempts to snatch the enemy’s flag and return it to their base while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. The most determined players can try their hand at the competitive mode, which includes placement matches, leaderboards and competition points!
  • Capture Flash Flag: The dangers of flag grabbing have increased. With the two teams’ flags close together, six shots are now required to win the match instead of the traditional three. Launch an all-out attack against the enemy to snatch their flag as many times as possible.
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These challenges work in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade, and allow you to unlock festive tags, launcher icons, and skins like ash boomAnd Soldier 76: Auspicious And Porcelain bulldozer. Wins count as two matches. Every week there will be new rewards to unlock!

First week (25 January – 1 February)

Bulldozer Spring Verses Sign

Ash boom epic model

Second week (Feb 1 – Feb 8)

auspicious player icon

step learning sign

Epic soldier model: 76 auspicious

Third week (Feb 8 – Feb 15)

Epic Porcelain Bulldozer Model

All of these items, game modes, and challenges will be available for a limited time on Overwatch, more precisely than From January 25 to February 15, 2022.

As Activision Blizzard’s CEO finds himself at the center of the news, his employees today accuse him of being the reason why Overwatch 2 has been so long delayed production.


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