Oculus Go receives an open OS update

Oculus has released a new update that proves the future of the Oculus Go headset. It now allows full root access for headphone owners, giving them the ability to reuse devices for other uses in addition to using the headset without the need for a Facebook account.

Oculus also contains a file guide available For a download that describes how to use the software on an Oculus Go device and get low-level access. However, unlocking the headset is irreversible and owners will not receive updates over the air anymore. Additionally, the process described in the manual cannot be used on any other Oculus device or operating system.

as Explained by Ars TechnicaHowever, the unlocked Oculus Go headset will no longer verify the presence of the Facebook signature at the kernel level. This means that developers can create custom versions of low-level features such as the app launcher.

Oculus CTO John Carmack announce Last month, that update was coming, with the hope that even 20 years in the future the new, randomly found Oculus Go headset will still be able to update to the final software version after the over-the-air servers inevitably shut down.

The Oculus Go headset was released back in May 2018. In IGN’s Oculus Go review, Matt Elliot said, “Comfortable, comfortable, wireless, and affordable, the standalone Oculus Go represents a huge step forward in consumer VR.”

George Yang is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter at @yinyangfooey.


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