Pierre Arty and Evelyn Poeix: Funny Secrets in Couple Relationships

This Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Palle RTD and Evelyn Buicks were invited on the C-Voice set during the cover of the play Flight Pass Le Dare. In a thirty-five year relationship, the couple had faith in their relationship.

At the end of September, Pierre RTD will answer his wife Evelyn Buigs in the room Don’t say thatSalomo Lelouch. While the pair are still partners, it is settled C to you That Comedian Caused many hopes. In the past, he promised. “Boat“In order to impress Evelyn Buigs, Pierre RTD agreed with Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine and a group of her historians.”I did not sail because I think it would rain soon, even very quickly! As they say, I sailed to build my life with her because it wasn’t that easy and she didn’t decide to do it quickly. Also, it took seven years to live together! It’s not that bad yet!

When asked about her husband’s biggest mistake, Evelyn Buicks revealed her role: “How to say … his anxiety, I will say! His heroism. There are times when I say to him: ‘But keep calm, Pierre, everything is fine!’ It can happen at any time of the day, and if something suddenly happens, it will multiply automatically!“Funnily enough, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine said:”What impresses Saloma the most is your ability to climb and descend towers very quickly! You can cut your throat for the most cooked roast in life and after two seconds you can fight which of the two of you is going to clear the trash.“In all transparency, Pierre RTD promises:”This is what makes our couple so rich! After a couple of minutes we weren’t really bored so we weren’t really fighting! ‘Step by step!’ Everyone would go crazy on their own, and then after a minute and a half: ‘Can you go make me a coffee?’, ‘Yes of course!’ And then it’s over!

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Pierre RTD: “She’s not a well-maintained woman”

In the play, written by his daughter-in-law, Pierre says the RTD character is taking care of his wife. Although Pierre Leskur underscored that Evelyn Buigs began her career before sacrificing herself, the actress admitted: “I am a sacrificial woman who gave up her freedom!“Finally, her husband said jokingly:”But with me, you are well aware that renunciation is less, except that it seems to me that you have more! More square meters, more prizes, more trips … In fact, I see … I don’t know what you should give up!Before adding : “She’s not a woman, she’s a talking woman!

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