Pokemon GO.  Niantic partners with Prime Gaming to award prizes

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Good news for subscribers Amazon Prime and Pokémon GO playersand that is Niantic They announced that they will be able to use Prime gaming In the famous augmented reality title.

As part of the collaboration, over the next several months, trainers will be able to “claim additional item packs”, which will include 30 buckyballs, 5 max balls refresh every 2 weeks And in this case, there is a piece of the asterisk.

The first can be claimed on Thursday 19 May. To claim it, you must go to the page Pokemon GO at gaming head, Where you must log in. Please note that you will not be able to redeem this promotion in countries like Russia, China, India, or restricted areas.

Keep in mind that you can only claim your prizes in one account from Pokemon GO. Once logged in, a Claim Code option will appear. Next, a 13-character string of numbers and letters will appear.

To retrieve content, you must follow these steps on your PC or iOS:

  1. Log in to this site
  2. Log in with your credentials Pokemon GO
  3. Enter the code
  4. After that, a message will appear that the items have been added to your account

Additionally, you can do this through the Pokémon GO app, but only on Android:

  1. On the game map, press Menu Bucky Bowl
  2. Touch the . icon store
  3. At the bottom of the in-game store, enter your code in the text field below Boredom.
  4. Toca recover and enter the code

Keep in mind that codes will expire within 5 business days after each offer expires, so hurry when redeeming.

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