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The Pixel Permit adventure is slowly entering the final round of development. The game is scheduled to release in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. On all of these platforms dose permit They appear digitally, but publisher PQube has now announced some platform exclusives that will not only get you a physical copy, but a collector’s copy as well.

Purely digital dose authorization for Xbox and PC

If you prefer to purchase Potion Permit as a physical version, limit yourself to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 version. Because Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One and PC only receive the digital version of the pixel adventure.

There will also be a physical collector’s edition for PS4, PS5 and Switch, limited to just 500 copies. So if you’re interested in one of the limited editions, you should act fast. Collector’s Edition offers the following content:

  • Retail version of the game
  • 52 page art book
  • certificate
  • acrylic holder
  • microfiber cloth
  • Collector’s Edition Box

Anyone wishing to order the physical version still has the option to order it from him FANSTOCK to ask. While the standard editions cost around 40 euros, the collectors’ edition costs about 70 euros.

Beer to heal the population

In Potions Permit, you take on the role of a chemist tasked with helping heal the mayor’s daughter and convincing the residents of Montberry of the wonders of modern chemistry. Because the small village trusts only the tried and tested methods of healing in the form of a witch doctor. But even she can’t help the mayor’s daughter. So it’s up to you to make the tools, collect the ingredients, and ferment potions.

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A total of 30 residents live in Montberry, get sick from time to time and need your help. They interrupt their daily lives to recover in bed at home. Bad weather conditions like snowstorms or drought get in your way when looking for ingredients.

Always by your side: your loyal canine partner! You can collect berries, but you can also get ingredients from monsters. Your tools become weapons. As an alchemist, you can either fortify yourself with your own drink or attach negative status effects to your opponents.

The higher your level, the more healing your medication will be. Healed residents make friends with you more, and even great love can wait between them. Over time you can also design and expand your home and village. Apart from these activities, you can, for example, fish or play dice games in the pub.

You can find the current trailer for the Dosing Permit here:


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