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The Quordle Answer 149 for June 22, 2022. The RNG gods have finally decided to give us a little rest with this puzzle, as it shouldn’t cause you much trouble at all. Three words start with the same letter, and only one instance of a double letter leads you up. If you can find this letter, it greatly simplifies the puzzle. For a hint of the most challenging word, the word in the top left position, it refers to a type of oyster. Do you want more help? Then we have the full answer ready to move on to the next paragraph.

What is Quordle answer 149? (June 22, 2022)

Quordle 149’s answer is:

  • “conch”
  • “Chase”
  • “rally”
  • “thrum”

As suggested earlier, ‘CONCH’ presents the biggest challenge here, especially if you are not able to get the consonant ‘C’ that appears four times throughout the solution. It’s not the most common letter in the alphabet, however, having “CHASE” or “CROWD” will make getting the first word fairly easy. ‘CHASE’ will also get you the consonant letter ‘H’. So, there aren’t a lot of words with “C”, “O”, “N” and “H”, so it’s not a terrible risk trying to search for “CONCH” and finding out that this is probably the right word. Putting the letter “H” in the second position will also help you identify “THRUM”, especially when it comes to figuring out the last “M” to complete the answer.

There is no need to use any advanced technology for Quordle 149. Just follow the basic strategy of writing three words that cover all high frequency consonants (such as “R”, “S”, “T”, “N” and “L”) as well as All six vowels will get you the most. If you’re lucky with your choices, you’ll hopefully also get an “H” or “C” early on in the puzzle. Do all of this and you’ll get plenty of green and yellow clues to work with on your fourth guess.

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