Rainbow Six is ​​coming to iPhone

The legendary multiplayer shooter is about to launch on iPhone.

Ubisoft announces the arrival of a new episode of the Rainbow Six series on smartphones. Developed by a team from Ubisoft Montreal, this new episode will be inspired by Rainbow Six Siege in terms of gameplay, with terrifying realism in combat situations, the use of multiple gadgets and 5v5 team battles.

The game will feature team battles on reduced region maps. The team of attackers will have to try to eliminate a team of players who will defend the molar and nail area, using various firearms and tools.

“Attackers will deploy surveillance drones to gather intelligence and strategically breach destructible walls, floors and ceilings while defenders fortify all entry points and use spy cameras or booby traps to secure their positions. Combining strategy and teamwork, players will experience the thrill of intense close combat as they take turns attacking. defense to emerge victorious. The editor explains.

As in the case of consoles, it will be possible to use different agents that all have their own skills. Several Rainbow Six Siege maps will be ported to this mobile version.

The title is expected in 2022 on iPhone and Android smartphones.

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